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the Brenda Burns for CORPORATION COMMISSION Website      

               Conservative Republican           

Congressman Trent Franks

“Brenda will bring her common sense fiscal conservative record to the Commission and be a voice for ratepayers and consumers across our great state.”

Trent Franks

Commissioner Marc Spitzer 

"I have known Brenda Burns since the 1980's. I served with her in the Arizona State Senate. Brenda is a true conservative with the intelligence, judgment and integrity to be an outstanding Commissioner on the Corporation Commission."

Marc Spitzer
AZ State Senator, 1992-2000
Arizona Corporation Commissoner, 2001-2006

Commissioner Bob Stump

Brenda has been a fierce defender of Arizonans on fixed incomes, families, senior citizens and all taxpayers.  We need Brenda on the Arizona Corporation Commission so she can continue fighting for us in these difficult economic times." 

Bob Stump



Thank you for your interest in our campaign for the Arizona Corporation Commission.

It has been about 7 years since I have served in or campaigned for public office.  During the 16 years  I was involved in public policy at the state legislature (1987 through 2002) I enjoyed meeting many Arizonans from across our great state.  It was my honor and privilege to serve 8 years in the House of Representatives, including 2 years as Majority Leader, and another 8 years in the Arizona State Senate, including 4 years as its President.

The ACC has a number of regulatory responsibilities meant for the protection of Arizonans.   It has become clear to me that the rates set by the ACC and the policies that drive those rates will have a significant impact on the economic future of all Arizonans.  I have a strong record of protecting taxpayers while in the state legislature and I would look forward to continuing that role as a protector of the ratepayer and consumer.

Currently there are critical issues facing our nation, state and local communities, many of which can directly affect the availability, affordability, efficiency and reliability of providing energy to Arizona consumers. As a Commissioner on the ACC, I would welcome the opportunity to address those and other ACC-related issues with a common sense approach for current and future generations.

Over the coming months leading up to the 2010 election, we will be updating this website with information about me as a candidate as well as the issues, role and activities of the Arizona Corporation Commission. In the meantime please feel free to contact me by email at

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